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Wealthfront Launches First-Ever Automated Bond Ladder to Help Investors Earn More From Highest Yields in 15 Years

The company’s latest offering is a low-risk way to maximize interest with more tax efficiency than a savings account or CD.

Wealthfront Now Oversees More Than $50 Billion in Client Assets and is on Track to Grow Revenue by Over 140% in 2023

The company’s focus on client trust, automation, and an expanded product line have created a highly profitable and growing business

The Wealthfront Cash Account Now Offers Up to $8 Million in FDIC Insurance Through Partner Banks

Anyone can now receive up to 32x the FDIC insurance offered by traditional bank accounts

Wealthfront Announces New Research-Backed Stock Collections To Help Clients Invest in Categories like Artificial Intelligence, Dividend Stocks, and more

Clients can now access more than 45 unique stock collections created by the company’s Investment Team.

Wealthfront Launches Highly Anticipated Automated Bond Portfolio With A 5.48% Blended 30-Day SEC Yield

The latest addition to the company’s product suite brings much-needed innovation and ease of use to bonds.

Investors Can Now Buy Individual Stocks and Discover New Investment Opportunities with Wealthfront

Wealthfront’s stock investing offers zero commissions, fractional shares, curated stock collections, and requires just $1 to get started.

Wealthfront Adds Marketing Powerhouse Jaleh Bisharat to Board of Directors

Bisharat brings over 30 years of executive and marketing experience growing startups into enduring consumer brands

Wealthfront Opens Its Investment Platform To Enable More Investment Choices For Clients

The company will enable clients to build their own portfolios and edit existing portfolios and is also exploring adding crypto options as well

Wealthfront Delivers on Self-Driving Money™ Vision, Changing the Way We Manage Money Forever

Self-Driving Money™ will be a powerful engine to help young investors build meaningful wealth and remove the deep stress associated with money

Wealthfront Speeds Up Money Movement from the Wealthfront Cash Account

Money can now be invested into the market within minutes from a Wealthfront Cash Account

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Wealthfront in the news

Robo-Advisor Wealthfront Automates the Tedious Task of Creating a Bond Ladder

“We’re excited to offer this now because Treasury yields are the highest they have been in years,” says Dave Myszewski, vice president of product at Wealthfront.

Roboadvisor Wealthfront reaches $50 billion in client assets

Digital wealth management provider Wealthfront, a pioneer in automated investing, now oversees more than $50 billion in assets and is set to grow revenue by more than 140% this year.

Wealthfront Increases Its Cash Account APY To 5.00%

Wealthfront Cash Account now offers an APY that is competitive with some of the best high-yield savings accounts. Its rate is more than 10 times the national average savings rate of 0.46%.

Tax loss harvesting, quantified

In aggregate, Wealthfront has harvested some $3.2 billion in losses. Almost half of that — $1.5 billion — took place in 2022, as stock and bond markets alike swooned in the face of aggressive Fed rate hikes.