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Wealthfront Launches Free Financial Planning

Wealthfront un-bundles its automated planning to help 90 million millennials build a comprehensive financial plan.

Wealthfront Research Shows Clients Who Regularly Engage With Automated Financial Advice Save More

Clients who engage monthly with Wealthfront’s automated advice engine, Path, save almost 400% more than the national savings rate.

Wealthfront Cuts Risk Parity Expense Ratio in Half to 0.25%

Wealthfront’s Risk Parity Fund’s expense ratio is now lower than nearly 80% of ETFs on the market.

Wealthfront Launches New Financial Planning Service: Home Planning for Path

The addition of the company’s third financial planning service continues to widen the feature gap among competitors.

Tiger Global Management Leads Wealthfront’s $75 Million Financing Round

Additional capital will fuel Wealthfront’s growth as the financial advisor of choice for young professionals and families for decades to come.

Wealthfront Launches Advanced Indexing to Deliver Clients Higher After-Tax Returns at No Incremental Cost

Backtesting shows Advanced Indexing could add almost 1% to the annual after-tax return on the U.S. stock portion of a client’s portfolio.

Wealthfront To Launch 529 College Savings Plan In Partnership With The State Of Nevada And Ascensus College Savings

Wealthfront becomes the first automated investment service to launch a 529 plan to help families in the United States save for college.

Wealthfront Raises $64 Million in Round Led by Spark Capital Growth

The company with over $1.5 billion in client assets under management now has $100 million in cash reserves to fuel growth and serve millennial investors.

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Why Wealthfront Is Offering Free Financial Planning

“What we found was that our clients who used our automated planning saved five percent more of their income than people who did not. Over one’s lifetime, that’s another million and a quarter dollars. We looked at that number, and given the crisis of savings these days, we thought, ‘That shouldn’t be behind a paywall.'”

Wealthfront to offer automated financial planning tool for free

Individuals in the United States who do not have money managed by Wealthfront will be able to connect their various financial accounts to the company’s Path tool, which will calculate their saving and spending rates and help them create a plan for retirement.

Why It’s Time to Quit Your Job, Travel the World

Wealthfront Inc., the online money manager based in Silicon Valley, launched a tool on Wednesday that allows clients to estimate whether they can afford to take time off for travel. They can set a months- or yearslong trip as a priority alongside other goals like retirement or buying a home.